Sunday, May 07, 2006

say what?
Oh well... they can always read a transcript online...

STILLWATER, Okla. May 6, 2006 (AP)— President Bush advised college graduates on Saturday to use technology but not become enslaved by it.

"Science offers the prospect of eventual cures for terrible diseases and temptations to manipulate life and violate human dignity," Bush said during commencement exercises at Oklahoma State University. "With the Internet, you can communicate instantly with someone halfway across the world and isolate yourself from your family and your neighbors."

After the speech, some graduates said they couldn't make out clearly what Bush said because of an echo in the audio system at Boone Pickens Stadium.


"Enslaved by Technology?" Not as long as we're protected by the genius of Bill Gates.

Thanks to Windows, computers will never get too powerful and take over the earth.

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