Thursday, June 08, 2006

Blogger is Back
Wow. It's been awhile, but I'm able to add/edit content to my blog again.

I posted a poem yesterday and immediately had second thoughts (it needs revision) but blogger wouldn't let me in to delete it... so it stayed up.

Blogger is the bane of the unconfident poet.

Since there's an hour or two of poetry Thursday left, here's a poem for you:

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Blogger is acting up
and I can't delete this crap.

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At 10:23 PM, Blogger Julie Carter said...


I had a duplicate post up most of the day. And my poor perfectionist heart could barely take it!



At 12:14 AM, Blogger Writing Blind said...

That is perfect.



At 4:00 AM, Blogger SarahJane said...

i still can't get past the main page of my blog.... but if this post actually goes up, i'll be gullible and try again.
your poem has punch, dear.



At 12:13 PM, Blogger Carl Bryant said...

It's still off and on for me. I'm investigating other options.

Because the outages correspond to peak loading times (and because blogger support messages always give nonsense reasons for outages) I'm beginning to suspect that blogger's infrastructure cannot handle the volume. I suspect they're sharing the load between too few servers.

Hopefully, Google will give them the resources they need.



At 12:56 PM, Blogger Arlene said...

heh. the first i learned about blogging is never look back. and should you read over what you've written, pretend it's not yours.

love the prophet poem, carl. you write such gems.

thanks for the tip about the camera. i've noted down the brand and the lens. we're thinking of getting a new one soon. yay!




At 8:19 PM, Blogger Carl Bryant said...

Thanks, Arlene.

I almost believed that. You're good. Very good.



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