Sunday, June 18, 2006

Parental Love
It's Father's Day, and I've been remembering my father. I've been thinking about unconditional love; where it comes from, where it goes.

My wife loves me, and it's magic. By "magic", I mean she will kiss me and close her eyes - wishing I'd turn into a handsome prince.

I don't blame her. I wouldn't want to be caught frenching a frog, either.

Anyway - back to parental love: Is a parent's love for a child is the greatest love one human can have for another? I wonder.

When I was a child, no one loved me nearly as much as my mother did, but - if it was raining out - who did she send to get the newspaper?

I was happy to get that paper. I would have never sat by and let my mother go out in the storm. It would have been unthinkable.

My family and I went out for a Father's Day dinner tonight, and my eleven-year-old son held the door for me. It was nothing special - he does this all of the time. He visits my blog a half-dozen times each day while I'm at work. My ex says he does this to feel closer to me.

I pick Andrew up from his mother's every Tuesday for Boy Scout meetings, and every Friday at 6 for our weekends together. He calls every Friday at 530 to make sure I am not late. He meets me at the street, even though I always go inside for a half-hour or so to chat with the ex and her husband.

Do I love Andrew? Absolutely. I love him and his sister - with all of the strength within me. Is it the greatest love there is? It would be flattering to think so, but it would also be wrong.

There is no greater love than the love of a child.

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At 2:18 AM, Blogger SarahJane said...

You think so? Maybe you're right, but I know when I look at my kids sometimes I wonder why they don't explode before my eyes because I love them so damn much.
Loved reading about your son. A lucky kid - and you, too.
Happy father's day, Carl!



At 3:31 AM, Blogger michi said...

is father's day really that big in the states? i mean, i read about it on half a dozen blogs this morning, i think. i t does "exist" here in austria, but i think if you asked 50 people, about 5 of them might know when it is. i don't. not sure it is the same date as in the states.

the part about the frog made me chuckle. perhaps i should post my frog prince poem for you.

always enjoy reading your blog.




At 4:53 AM, Blogger Arlene said...

aw, this entry just made all mushy, carl. love your son! i'd like to have one like him. would he be clonable? i also like you going out to get the paper. very canine.

parental love. yes. i feel the same way about my dogs. i assisted in their birth, after all. when i'm away from them, i kiss all their photos to feel closer to them. i even close my eyes.




At 10:22 AM, Blogger Brenda said...

Have I toad you lately that I love you?

Happy Father's Day, Prince Charming!



At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a little less than half a dozen times a day.......



At 9:54 AM, Blogger Carl Bryant said...

Thanks for the Father's Day wishes, Sarah!

Michi, Father's Day is huge here and I'd LOVE to read your frog prince poem.

Arlene, human clones are illegal (I'm required to say that.) Send me some cash and we'll talk.

Bren - I'm thinking you should start buying imperial margarine. You never know - I could taste the right tub one day, and - whammo.

Andrew - Have fun at 4H camp this week!



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